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What we do

We provide CRM and referral systems to advice agencies

All our systems are built using the FORT (Fast Online Referral Tracking) architecture. Whether you're looking for a Money Advice System or an agency CRM, our bespoke development can provide you with the tools and information you need to optimise and thoroughly understand your service delivery.

SOME Of Our Customers

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Services & Products

Systems and tools that meet your needs

THE FORT system is a fully functioned CRM and referral tool that can be used for partnership or single agency datasets. We have developed a range of crm systems that are used by public and voluntary sector services to manage client information across a range of settings.

Understanding Your Delivery

We learn about your service and what you deliver before we start to build - We want to ensure our systems fit your delivery model, not the other way around.

User Friendly Systems

Our systems have a reputation as being really simple to use.

Design & Development

We've deployed over 150 CRM systems for agencies across all sectors, but the solution we develop for you will be built to your exact requirements.

Reporting Suite

All of our systems come with fully developed reports and dashboards.

Work WIth Us

Let’s build great things together

All the tools and systems we've built have been developed from the needs of the service. We sit down with you, listen to your requirements and build the system you need. From Money Advice tools to Youthwork and Employability systems we can help you manage the most complex of processes with the simplest of approaches.




CRM AND Referral Systems


Years Serving Advice Agencies


From Data to Insight

FORT comes with built-in analytics functionality. From user-filterable adhoc summary tables through to detailed geo-mapping and performance dashboards, your data is transformed into powerful but easy-to-use reporting.

Easy to Use

No clunky reporting interfaces and no impenetrable tables of data: just the info you want with simple filters to drill down on exactly what you need, backed by a team with the experience to help you understand your data.

Regular Reporting

The reports we build for you are updated daily (or more often if required) with options for intant web access and/or scheduled email delivery.

Understanding Delivery

With measurement and mapping across Datazones, wards, constituencies and regions, we can bring your data to life and tailor it to be relevant for managers, advisers, funders and other stakeholders.