The FORT System

Referral and signposting between agencies and across the advice and rights sector can often be patchy, ad-hoc, and reliant upon transient relationships between frontline staff. The Fast Online Referral and Tracking (FORT) system has fostered the development of a culture in which referral and signposting procedures are consistent, routine and easily absorbed by incoming staff.


FORT heightens awareness of the importance and effectiveness of joint-working and information-sharing, and allows agencies and staff to work within their own competency or areas of expertise, whilst fostering a broader understanding and greater utilisation of other services.

Benefits for the Client

  • Personal information is secure
  • Creates a chain of accountability within agencies involved
  • Helps ensure the client is referred to the most appropriate agency-thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome

Benefits for the Agency

  • More effective use of service resources: FORT allows agencies to effectively manage workflow -  particularly peaks and troughs of demand
  • Aids service planning and delivery, identifies gaps in provision, and highlights internal staff training needs
  • Provides evidence of service activity for funding applications and reporting to senior management
  • Raises agency and service profile

Benefits for the Practitioner

  • Quick and efficient
  • Allows workers to track and receive feedback on the outcome of the referral
  • Facilitates and strengthens working relationships with staff in other agencies
  • Helps develop knowledge and awareness of other services


FORT CRMS - The Fife Experience

CRMSpageFORT CRMS is an online CRM (client relationship management) system with an integrated referral tool that has been used within the boundaries of Fife for over 7 years. Fife Council and other agencies within Fife Partnership currently use FORT to host 26 separate CRM Systems for a variety of uses ranging from employability and housing to sequestration.

A FORT CRMS can be thought of as a walled dataset restricted to (or shared by) one or more than one organisation(s). There are currently 65,000 client records across all the CRM Systems. We have over 1500 registered users (members of staff) from over 140 separate agencies adding about 1500 client records a month.

The development of multiple, overlapping CRM Systems using FORT has been the key driver to significant increases in inter-agency referrals across the whole of Fife.