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Get to know us

Meet the People

FORT was conceived over 20 years ago
as the UK's first online referral system.

It's grown quite a bit since then, 
driven by an experienced and talented group
of web developers and client-facing specialists.

Our Story

Conceived in Fife in 2002, the FORT system was at its inception the UK's first online referral system for advice services.  The early success of FORT in joining up advice sector agencies was recognised nationally and led us to develop an integrated framework for rapid design and deployment of CRM systems, launched in 2007 and still growing.

In the last 15 years, Advice Infrastructure has continued to drive FORT development and uptake, making it today an invaluable core tool for advice services, for local authorities and for central government agencies.

What We Do Now

Whilst our referral tool is still a core part of our systems, we have worked with advice agencies over the last decade to develop and implement scores of bespoke CRM systems covering employability, education, substance use, advocacy, housing and money advice.

We have proven expertise in connecting FORT to external application processes - bringing client self-service information directly into your FORT system.

FORT is currently deployed in a range of settings across Scotland.

The FORT Team

Whether their role is building the system's nuts and bolts or supporting clients directly, all our people are committed to helping you get the best out of FORT for the benefit of your service and your service users.


Joe's been working on FORT since its inception. He's probably going to be your first point of contact if you're new to the system. 


As our long-standing lead developer, Iain has a thorough understanding of the FORT system and understands how to translate complex client requirements into robust scalable systems.


A specialist in large-scale system design, security, standards and database integrity, Dee looks after our network infrastructure and reporting needs, drives many of our development projects and also runs CPD for other staff.


James is a customer support specialist: all of our systems have in-built ticket support, and James is in charge of making sure everyone gets the help they need in a timely fashion.


Recruited as a graduate in 2020, Jordan now provides invaluable support to the senior developers, improving existing systems and developing the next generation of FORT.