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Enter into the world of FORT

FORT is a CRM tool and referral system with a suite of particular use cases. We have developed a flexible system that you can use to manage your agency or partnership information requirements.

Our Experience

Advice Infrastructure has deployed FORT across some of the biggest local authorities and advice agencies in the UK and designed systems for small advice services. We have learned from all of these exercises and can bring an understanding of the advice environment and technical expertise to deliver the system that gives your team the tools you need.

Our Philosophy

We want to excel in developing and implementing innovative, fully networked systems for use across the advice sector. By actively listening to our users and clients, we prioritise delivering tailored systems that are both effective and affordable. We want to build systems that workers like using and that managers trust. 


FORT CRM Systems

We have a proven track record of delivering and maintaining robust CRM systems for a variety of different uses. From advocacy, education and employability to all aspects of housing, youth work and money advice, FORT meets the requirements of funders, managers, workers, clients and other stakeholders.

Access Control

Systems can be set up with information visible to certain users or teams but not to others, particularly useful for CRMs with complex privacy and sharing needs.

Useful Tools

From action plans to financial statements, FORT has a range of tools to organise the data you collect. 

Multi Agency

FORT CRM systems are used to support partnership delivery around a single shared client record. 

Integrated Referrals

Turn your incoming referrals into CRM records and refer to external agencies at the click of a button. 

From the idea to a full online experience

Our CRM systems are built around your requirements and ways of working. The systems we build reflect the reality of your work and patterns of service delivery. Sit down, grab a coffee and work with us to design the system you need quickly and efficiently.

Outcome Management

We provide a wide range of recording tools for both soft and hard outcome reporting.

Client Hubs

FORT's client hubs show a real-time view of your clients' activity at a glance, with filters and data sorting to suit you.

Track Progress

Our flexible CRM design allows you to track your service delivery against targets that change over time.

Communication Tools

Inbuilt texting, tailored alerts and emailed reporting allow you to communicate effectively with clients and staff.

Groups, Clubs & Registers

Record and monitor attendance, support hours (or anything else) at all your groups and scheduled events.

Data in : Insight out

Powerful reporting tools allow you to understand your service delivery, track activity and plan for the future based on identified trends and needs.

Any Questions? Say Hello

On this site, we can only give you a brief overview of what we offer, but FORT is best appreciated in person - so please contact us for a demo or if you have other questions.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call us on 01382 238906.